Sunday, July 20, 2008

Smarter Than You, But Slower On the Uptake

Coming to us via Ezra Levant is the tale of Richard Dawkins and "Beware the Believers", a hilarous YouTube send-up of the top atheist heavyweight.

"If anyone can understand a single word of this, don't bother to translate, just tell me whose side it's on. I get the feeling (same with South Park) that there are people out there who assume that something that is obviously MEANT to be funny therefore must BE funny, and they immediately shower it with accolades such as "Wow", "Hilarious", "Awesome" and, most side-splitting of all, "LOL"."
Which is almost ironic: in a video that mercilessly lampoons Dawkins' arrogance, anti-religious zealotry and polished abrasiveness all that Dawkins is concerned about is "whose side it's on".

For someone as allegedly brilliant as Richard Dawkins, it should embarrassing to be that parochially slow on the uptake.

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