Friday, March 30, 2007

Just to Reiterate: Scott Reid is Still a Clown

We remember This too, bud

Man. I just finished watching Scott Reid on Mike Duffy Live, and I can't get over how this guy proves more and more that he is a clown every time he's on TV.

Conservative strategist Tim Powers was seemingly gracious enough to stop PWNING Reid on TV this week (as he has been prone to do for consecutive weeks, if not months). Instead, the esteemed mr. Reid was given an opportunity to collide with Geoff Norquay.

Clearly never missing an opportunity to prove that he is, in fact, a friggin' clown, Reid took the opportunity to launch himself into conspiracy theorist mode, trying to hold the Conservatives responsible for an RCMP pension scandal that actually took place while the Liberals were in office, all the while claiming that the RCMP "screwed" the Liberal party by investigating the income trust leak.

This all despite the fact that former commissioner Juliano Zaccardelli was known to be extremely close to Jean Chretien.

So, just to reiterate: Scott Reid is a clown. As far as third-rate Warren Kinsella wannabes go, mr. Reid certainly does take the "intellectual" out of "intellectual coward".