Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bad News for Canadian Cynic

Canadian teachers want to outlaw cyberbullying

In a development with some rather intriguing (to say the least) implications for the Canadian blogosphere, the Canadian Teachers Federation wants cyberbullying to be covered by the Canadian Criminal Code.

And, as Canwest reports, Ottawa is listening.

Of course, for anyone who's bothered to pay even the slightest passing bit of attention to Cynic and his hatesite, new federal legislation could pose some serious difficulty for the Canadian blogosphere's leading hatemonger.

After all, while Cynic is comically willing to throw around accusations that his critics are bullies, Cynic has indulged himself in pervasive campaigns of bullying against his critics and political opponents.

One need only remember the case of Chris Erl, whom Cynic mocked profusely -- all while ironically demanding a "grovelling public apology".

Never one to not follow Cynic's lead, Martin Rayner -- aka the misnomered Red Tory -- also took to bullying Erl, often for little more than being a "high school student" (apparently Rayner would have preferred that Erl simply drop out of high school).

And this is before one gets into episodes such as Cynic posting Richard Evans' address on his blog and encouraging someone to file an erroneous complaint of child abuse against him.

In fact, legislation against cyberbullying could prove to be the end of Cynic's blogging career. After all, if he ever had to stop harassing his opponents and critics and maybe -- you know -- start writing about real ideas instead of just spewing hatred, this guy would have nothing to write about.

Another good reason to support this piece of legislation.

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