Sunday, November 16, 2008

Let's Give the Crazy Lady What She Wants, part Deux

"Bring it!!" she says again. And so it shall be brought

Poor Unrepentant Old Hippie JJ. At some point, one would think she would learn that some people will interpret "bring it!!" as a challenge.

Some may remember JJ's previous "bring it!!" challenge and her overwhelmingly underwhelming response to it.

But apparently old hippies never learn, once again insisting that the proponents of Bill C-434 and its successor initiative, resolution P-207, admit that it offers no protection to pregnant women.

Since the assertion itself isn't true, JJ would likely find it difficult to provide an example of the resolution's proponents admitting to it.

So, once again the Nexus will answer JJ's challenge, and pose questions that -- just you wait -- she'll refuse to answer. Questions such as the following:

1. Can you define a deterrent, and are you aware of how it serves to protect people from crime?

2. Can you explain how a law like Bill C-484, or a law like the one advocated in proposition P-207 will criminalize abortion considering that such laws have failed to have this effect in the United States?

3. How would you like to try to explain to people how reasonable conceptions of fetal rights will lead to a wholesale criminalization of abortion considering that it has failed to do so in the United States?

If JJ's response to the last time the Nexus responded to her own challenge is any indication of what to expect, one should expect they already have the answer to these questions:

Certainly, JJ could answer these questions, but she probably won't.

Few Nexus readers should bother holding their breath waiting for JJ to answer in good faith. After all, if there's anything one knows about old hippies it's that they never change, they just try real hard to adjust.

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