Sunday, November 30, 2008

King Ralph (Goodale)?

Goodale rumoured to serve as Prime Minister in coalition government

Considering the contentious state of the Liberal leadership, some questions have been raised regarding who, precisely, would lead a Liberal/NDP coalition government.

The Globe and Mail, it seems, may hold the answer -- Liberal house leader Ralph Goodale.

Other rumours circulating had Stephane Dion serving as Prime Minister until a further-abbreviated Liberal leadership convention could take place.

For his own part, Goodale doesn't seem to have a very big problem with the undemocratic means by which he may come to be coronated Prime Minister.

"Mr Harper seems to have a very American republican view of the Canadian constitution," Goodale said. "We don't have a republican system in Canada - we have a parliamentary system."

Which is seemingly Goodale's way of saying that, if neither his party nor the NDP can win an election of their own merit, he's OK with them forging an undemocratic post-election governement through shady back room deals. It's OK because the rules technically allow them to do it.

All this aside, the Goodale for Prime Minister rumours may not have legs as strong as some may think. While speaking out of one side of his mouth and accusing the government of creating a deficit by cutting taxes, Goodale has also spoken out the other side advocating further tax cuts. And Canadians know how the NDP feels about tax cuts.

Goodale has also indulged himself in accusing the Harper government of having no plan to help the economy -- but also indulges himself in declining to mention that at election time his party's plan was to come up with a plan while in office.

Goodale's characteristic disingenuity aside, whether or not the NDP could effectively work with Goodale -- considered by many to be something of a fiscal conservative -- would be very interesting to see. If nothing else, those clamouring to see a second Prime Minister from Saskatchewan should be encouraged by this possibility.

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