Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hopefully, Al Didn't Quit His Day Job

Franken falls short in his bid to join US Senate

Even though a recount looms, it seems that Al Franken may not be changing careers after all.

In his bid to defeat Republican incumbent Norm Coleman, Franken may have lost by as little as 727 votes. Although Minnesota's election law mandates an automatic recount in cases where the margin of victory is less than .5%, it seems that Franken hasn't come out on top this time around.

Which, for Franken, may not be such a bad thing. Now he can write another book -- perhaps one on a positive note. While his last two books, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them and The Truth (With Jokes) were both written in the wake of Republican Presidential victories. Now, Franken has a victory to write about.

As one considers what many Democrats have regarded as the nadir of their political lives, a victorious third act should prove to be quite cathartic.

Comedy is, and will always remain, Franken's true gift. Now, with Barack Obama bound for the White House, many Democrats should find their sense of humour restored.

There will, meanwhile, be other opportunities for Franken, be it competing for a seat in the Senate or the House of Representatives. But for now, Al Franken makes an awfully good comedian.

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