Thursday, October 09, 2008

What Political Psychopaths Fantasize About...

The website that gave you "Hooray for Nathan Richardson" presents

The latest musings from the Pope of the Canadian Cynic Temple of Sycophantic Group Think:

"In the wake of the Stephen Harper Party of Canada's recent exposure as a bunch of clownishly inept financial idiots and liars, as well as its candidates' complete and utter contempt for the normal democratic process in the sense of not even bothering to show up for numerous "All Candidates" meetings around the country, the question is no longer whether there is still a chance of them eking out a majority, or whether they can even be defeated outright.

No, in light of their catastrophically appalling bad judgment and overall swinish assholishness, the question now is whether we will even make it to next Tuesday without the citizenry rising up in revolt and tying various CPoC candidates to the bumpers of their Toyota Priuses, whereuon they will be dragged to the city gates, drawn, quartered and have their severed heads stuck on pikes in celebration.

P.S. I drive a wagon so I could probably handle two of them at once.
And do the Canadian blogosphere's leading psychopath's co-bloggers have anything negatory to say about this?

Perish the thought:

"And cue the mouthbreathing Blogging Tories shrieking about CC-HQ inciting violence against Big Daddy and his merry band of in-and-out fuckwits in 3 ... 2 ..."
And then there's the always-"rational" Mike:

"I'll bring the pikes..."
So if anyone ever needed confirmation that Canada's hateful left -- that deranged collection of left-wingers who define themselves not according to their political beliefs, but rather by their petty hatred -- is, indeed, both batshit fucking and crazy and utterly without shame, this would indeed be it.

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