Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Would Hope This Isn't What They Meant...

Above is a rather alarming video posted to YouTube.

Modelled as a campaign advertisement, the ad features a hand on a table with its fingers outstretched.

As another hand stabs a knife in between each finger, a woman's voice narrates a rather typical -- and unimpressive -- list of grievances (both actual and imagined). As the woman tells viewers "no way" to Harper, the woman's hand is pulled away, revealing a picture of Stephen Harper.

The other hand then stabs the knife directly into Stephen Harper's eye.

"On October 15, take control of the game," the woman advises.

And she would suggest Canadians do that precisely how? By stabbing Stephen Harper in the eye?

Encouraging the assassination of a political leader is far from the most constructive way to "take control of the game." One can only hope that this isn't actually what the producer of this video intended, and that she merely didn't think her message through.

Then again, judging from some of Canada's anti-conservatives, that might be a little too much to hope for.

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  1. I suspect these kinds of political ads may have influenced voters in a manner that ran contrary to their intent.


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