Friday, October 10, 2008

If Stephane Dion Were An Angrier Man...

Would this:

Have sounded more like this?

In all fairness, it isn't a very fair comparison.

But the question -- despite what what some commentators have insisted was actually quite simple:

What would Stephane Dion, as Prime Minister, have done to confront the emerging economic mess that Stephen Harper has not done?

We've already seen that Dion, like any other politician, has a tendency to dodge questions he doesn't want to answer.

It isn't too hard to figure out what's going on here: Dion doesn't want to answer this question because he recognizes the limitations on the powers of the Prime Minister to fix an economic crisis that has been born and bred in the United States, just as he doesn't want to answer questions about his post-Green Shift plan because it inevitably entails a tax hike on Canadian citizens.

It's no different than any other politician. Sometimes candor simply isn't worth the political price one will pay.

Then again, sometimes a non-answer is just as revealing as an answer.

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