Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back to the Drawing Board for Michael Byers

Michael Byers fails to bring down Liberal giant

Among the official results available this evening: Michael Byers has lost his bid to enter the House of Commons, coming in third to incumbent (and victor) Liberal Hedy Fry and Conservative Lorne Mayencourt.

Fry took home just under 35% of the vote. Mayencourt slid in at second with just under 25%, and Byers claimed 22%.

It seems that Byers just wasn't able to swing voters in Vancouver Centre with his promises to shut down the tar sands and to shut down the evil private health clinics.

Byers has already blamed his electoral loss on the financial crisis.

In the end, the excuses will count for very little. Byers just isn't ready for federal politics, pure and simple. At the very least, this particular candidate -- who really has offered very little aside from ideology -- wasn't well situated to win in a riding with strong competition from a fellow left-of-centre candidate.

So it's back to the drawing board for Michael Byers. Sometimes being a self-proclaimed foreign policy expert just doesn't cut it.

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