Tuesday, September 09, 2008

September 2008 Book Club Selection: Hard Call, John McCain

McCain presents profiles in leadership

With three months remaining in the 2008 American Presidential Election, there's no time like the present to further acquaint oneself with the qualities of the candidates.

When considering which of the two candidates -- Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama -- would be better suited to the oft-called leadership of the free world, it's useful to have a book such as Hard Call to look to.

Hard Call divides the art of making good decisions into six categories: awareness, foresight, timing, confidence, humility and inspiration.

As McCain explores these elements he profiles a diverse group of figures, from Gerald Ford to Wayne Gretzky, from Anwar Sedat and Menachim Begin to (predictably) Abraham Lincoln.

McCain even takes some time out to critique himself -- reserving the blame for his capture by North Vietnamese for himself alone.

The book chronicles great decisions made during the struggle for civil justice in Liberia, the space race and in various forms of business. Each and every one has some historical significance.

As President, McCain would be called upon to make many decisions with historical ramifications. Hard Call provides its readers with the very internal handbook McCain would use to make them.

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