Monday, September 08, 2008

Conservatives Continue Ad Blitz - Part Two

Tories step up attack in counter-branding effort

Along with three enthusiasm-themed ads (discussed earlier today), the Conservative party released three negative ads directed at the policies of Liberal rival Stephane Dion.

In almost comical fashion, the Conservatives are seeking to portray Dion as a gamble for Canada. The first ad features a "Scratch n' lose" lottery ticket, portraying Dion's policies as a "triple threat" to Canadians.

In the first ad, the Conservatives press Dion over musing about hiking the GST, eliminating the Conservative $1200 per year childcare plan and the carbon tax.

On all three propositions, the Conservatives insist, Canadians lose.

In the second ad -- this time featuring a one-armed bandit -- the Conservatives raise the prospect of higher gas prices, grocery bills and increased cost of virtually all consumer goods under Stephane Dion.

As the unseen gambler continues to play the machine, each pull comes up Stephane Dion -- and each pull comes up as a loss.

In the third ad, the Conservatives use the imagrey of a craps table to address Dion's various flip-flops regarding carbon taxation -- noting that Dion was against it as a Liberal leadership candidate, suddenly for it as Liberal leader, and unwilling to commit to specific policy points -- or even release them for public consideration.

As the unseen shooter throws four dice, they continually come up spelling "DION", featuring a clip of Dion making contradictory policy statements just before the dealer continually pulls them away.

On the final throw, the dice instead come up spelling "RISK".

The ads in question are a slick counter-branding effort, likely prepared months in advance and just waiting until the Liberals released their first pro-Green Shift ad.

Not only do the ads counter Liberal party policy proposals with reasons for some sobering second thought, but they also continue to counter what is becoming a common assesment of conservatives -- that they lack a sense of humour.

The ads are also presciently themed. With the kinds of changes Stephane Dion wants to make to the Canadian tax structure, there is no question that Canadians voting for Stephane Dion are taking a real gamble. These Conservative ads should prove to be rather effective, as they're merely reminding Canadians of things they already know.

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