Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Rest of Canada? Where's That?

If one were to pay close attention to the ongoing federal election campaign, one would think the Conservative party is overwhelmingly carrying the day in terms of advertising.

They are carrying the day. But not as overwhelmingly as one might think -- at least, not if one were from English Canada.

In English Canada, the Conservatives have released 12 ads. The Liberal party has released one.

In Quebec, the story is entirely different. In fact, the Liberals have released numerous ads there that they have yet to release in the rest of the country.

The earlier batch of Quebec-only ads seem to emphasize Stephane Dion and "his team", as numerous Liberal party MPs and candidates wax eloquently on topics such as employment:


Arts and culture:

And "the word Canada":

In the second batch, the Liberal party tries to portray ordinary Quebecers offering their criticisms of Stephen Harper:

On great leadership:

And hope:

The ads feature the Liberal party sinking to some typical low points -- such as dropping George W Bush and Denis Coderre at least seeming to imply that Stephen Harper is "insane".

But the ads clearly show where Stephane Dion at least seems to think his bread his buttered: Quebec. The lack of any kind of comprehensive advertising Campaign in the rest of Canada is certainly nothing less than a glaring strategic blunder by the Liberals.

Considering their current third-place standing in Quebec (behind the Bloc and Tories, who are neck-and-neck), the Liberals may want to start paying some attention to the rest of Canada before it's too late.

That is, if they can even find it on a map. Right now, one wonders.

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