Thursday, September 18, 2008

Viral Politics 101

With the advent of web 2.0, viral politics has been all the rage for a good long time now.

Yet with many attempts by presumedly younger (predumedly hipper) individuals attempting to take their political messages to the internet, it's probably ironic that a 72-year-old man can do it better.

The Broadbent video above is everything a viral video should be: captivating, and worht passing around through word-of-mouth.

Quite unlike the Conservative alternative below.

In the above ad, Broadbent manages to successfully brand himself as hip by accepting his inevitable un-hipness. The ad is a classic throwback to the terminally un-hip ads of the early 1990s when rap and hip hop were only becoming household words. Its campiness -- and clearly intentionally poor production value -- carries it a long way.

(Admit it. You can't stop watching this bloody thing, can you? -Ed.)

If only Canada's current political leaders could manage something this brilliant, they'd really be in business.

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