Monday, September 01, 2008

Oh, the Things That Could Be Said...

But won't be

It's nice to know that in a world that is so full of uncertainty, there are some things very much remain sure things.

Such as Canadian Cynic sidekick and Groupthink Temple denizen Lindsay Stewart.

After all, when news broke that John McCain Vice Presidential pick Sarah Palin's 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, one fully expected the scumbags at Canada's premier political hatesite to make use of the news for political purposes:

"So often we hear the phrase, 'who's your daddy'. We can now add, 'who's your mommy' to the lexicon. I bet all those folks that were wishing for the comedy stylings of Mike Huckabee as a veep nominee are kicking themselves. Nobody could have predicted this one woman failure of conservative values to appear like a comet streaking across the political sky, leaving a silvery contrail of amniotic fluid in her wake. My heart goes out to Bristol Palin, her siblings and all the other innocent kids whose lives are ratcheted into the screwed up world of fundamentalist lunacy by their deluded parents, regardless of denomination.

Mr McCain, your schadenfreudian slip is showing.
Which is ironic.

After all, considering the tendency of some of Stewart's blogmates to tip their hands regarding their personal lives -- a tendency nothing short of foolish considering their tendency to drag other people's personal lives into the open -- there are certain things that could be said, but won't be.

After all, if one can take comfort in the certainties of life, one can especially take comfort in the certainty that we at the Nexus are above that.

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