Monday, September 01, 2008


And not in a good way, either

Green party supporters across Canada have likely spent the last two days feeling a little better about their party.

Not becuase they finally managed to elect an MP, or stands a chance of actually electing an MP in the upcoming election, but because of the suspicious agreement of a former Liberal MP to become the newest member of the party's federal caucus -- bringing the grand total of its members to one.

"Joining Elizabeth May and joining the Green Party feels a lot like coming home," announced Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country MP Blair Wilson shortly after dawning his brand new Green Party button. "One-point-five million Canadians support the Green Party," he added. "They deserve a strong voice in the House of Commons and they deserve a strong voice in the leadership debate."

Of course, if 1.5 million Canadians supported the Green party as Wilson insists, 1.5 million people might have actually voted for the party the last time they had an opportunity to do so, as opposed to the 664,068 people who actually did.

But that aside, it's hard to see Wilson's "defection" to the Green party as anything but another convenient arrangement between Stephane Dion's Liberal party and the Green party -- one that would strengthen Elizabeth May's insistence that, despite having never elected a single MP, she should be included in the leader's debate.

Wilson's initial comments ironically suggest he felt some dissatisfaction with the Liberal party. And that may very well be so. But it isn't why he left the party caucus.

Rather, Wilson resigned from the Liberal caucus amidst allegations he failed to properly divulge campaign expenses.

In the end, Wilson was cleared of only 21 of 24 charges filed against him. Wilson was found to have not properly reported nearly $10,000 to Elections Canada.

When Wilson recently attempted to reclaim the Liberal party nomination for Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country, he was informed that he was not eligible to be nominated.

But far from holding a grudge against the party, Wilson has insisted he would await an opportunity to rejoin the party.

"I await [Stephane Dion's] decision and the decision of the national caucus as to when, in fact, I can rejoin the fold and maintain this riding as a Liberal seat," Wilson announced at the time.

Now, Wilson has rejoined the party -- in a manner of speaking.

After all, the ties between the Liberal party and the Green party were already solid even before Wilson's "defection". In support of her bid to unseat deputy Prime Minister Peter MacKay, Stephane Dion has already agreed not to run a Liberal candidate against the Green party in Central Nova, imagining that all the Liberal party faithful in the riding will rush to vote for Elizabeth May.

Now, with a federal election call seemingly only days away, it's terribly convenient that Wilson has decided to don the Green Party label in Parliament. It will be interesting to see if the Liberal party nominates an opponent for Wilson. To date, no such candidate has been nominated.

In the meantime, it's impossible to see Wilson's convenient defection as anything other than another Liberal party attempt to prop up its proxy Elizabeth May and her Green party.

Unsuprisingly, Wilson has announced that his seeming new leader should be included in the leaders' debates. "Not only do I embrace the policies of my new party, I will feel that all my past difficulties are justified if, by my actions, I can make a real difference by ensuring Elizabeth May is included in the leaders' debates."

What makes it doubly unsurprising is that only one other party favours allowing May to participate in the debate -- Stephane Dion's Liberal party.

The Liberal party and the Green party's intentions vis a vis Blair Wilson are utterly transparent. Almost any Canadian with an ounce of sense should be able to see through it.


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