Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yep, That Wasn't Predictable At All


So, if one were to ask Martin Rayner, apparently there is no issue whatsoever underlying the Troy Scheffler affair about "little things" such as freedom of speech.

In no democracy in the western world is freedom of speech expected to be afforded in accordance to how politically correct the views of a particular individual are. It's expected to be universal. Scheffler's views themselves should be considered largely immaterial. The heavy-handed manner in which his views were addressed is a very serious matter indeed.

The ironic thing, vis a vis Martin Rayner, is that Troy Scheffler could have chosen to address his comments toward the University Administration by way of an anonymous letter. Instead, Scheffler wrote to the univeristy under his own name, and took responsibility for his comments.

For some reason, Mr Rayner is all too eager to defend his cohorts when they attack largely innocent people anonymously, and refuse to accept responsibility for their comments.

So, when Rayner's hateful compatriot launched a vicious attack on a grieving mother, and hid behind the cloak of anonymity (or, more pointedly, pseudonymity) in order to do so, Rayner was OK with that. Yet when Troy Scheffler sends an email containing some politically unsavory comments, Mr Rayner feels that justifies suspending him from school.

Apparently, Mr Rayner (who until recently posted only pseudonymously as "Red Tory", and actually still attempts to despite his identity having been revealed) thinks that freedom of speech should be reserved only for those who comment anonymously.

In other words, Mr Rayner believes in freedom of speech for him and his, not for the rest of us.


  1. You lie like a rug.

  2. Cute theory. Unfortunately, everything I've written here is demonstrably true.

    Truth hurts, don't it, Marty?


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