Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama's Cool And Canadian Politicians Are Dicks


  1. Funny how the kind of political discourse he champions with the Obama example is EXACTLY the kind of political discourse his Liberal buddies and the rest of the left threw out the window long, long ago. The left has been campaigning on fear for yrs and it has been getting worse as they get more desperate for power culminating now with this coalition. A power grab that bypasses the electorate and essentially tells the government and those who supported it to go f**k off! Mercer is such a partisan hack I don`t think he even knows he`s a partisan hack anymore! As long as the CBC keeps throwing money and fame at him he will continue to spout the party line. I had to laugh when the CBC had him on during the election coverage as an analyst!

  2. Mercer has improved a little bit over the last couple of years to the point where he's occasionally funny.

    I remember seeing some of his acts from a couple years ago when he was basically saying "Americans hate us because of our socialized health care".

    I still find it amazing that someone could be that bloody transparent about their hackery.


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