Thursday, April 01, 2010

Remember When Cover-ups Were a Bad Thing?

Artificial exoneration of climate scientist means nothing

Certainly, most people will likely remember when cover-ups were a bad thing. It wasn't all that long ago.

Yet when a cover up benefits the progressive left, that changes so quickly that people like this guy can't seem to remember when cover-ups were bad. It must seem so long ago now.

Naturally, a great many will be waxing triumphally now that Dr Phil Jones, the director of the University of East Anglia's Hadley Climate Research Unit, has been formally cleared of any wrongdoing. It's important to note that Dr Jones has only formally been cleared of any wrongdoing, because as James Delingpole points out, something very foul is afoot.

As it turns out, the inquiry that has formally cleared Dr Jones has had something of a troubled history. One member of the panel resigned only after it was revealed that he had made his bias in favour of clearing the climategate scientists crystal clear.

He didn't decline to join the inquiry in the first place, which leads one to wonder precisely how many other members of the panel marched into it with their minds already made up.

As it turns out, East Anglia University's inquiry will be even worse. Lord Ronald Oxburgh, the chairman of that panel, has a wide enough variety of conflicts of interest that it should make one's head spin.

Oxburgh is a member of GLOBE (Global Legislators for a Balanced Environment). GLOBE is a well-funded organization that, despite the insistence that airplane travel is a leading cause of climate change, isn't shy about flying its members around the world on posh flights.

As it turns out, GLOBE is a rather obscure organization. While it has a website, it has no Wikipedia entry.

There is certainly due cause to suspect that is the work of the climate alarmists' resident Wikipedia censor, who was instrumental in not only covering over the Medieval Warming Period on Wikipedia, but numerous other topics as well.

Lord Ronald Oxburgh has declined to list GLOBE among the list of his benefactors -- effectively covering that up. And, as one can see, GLOBE itself has been hidden in plain sight.

But regardless of all these efforts, there is one thing that Lord Oxburgh and his fellows cannot do: they cannot cover over the climategate emails. The public has seen them, and the public knows the extent to which Dr Phil Jones and his cronies willfully perverted the scientific process to meet their ends.

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  1. Do you think the concentration of the media ownership and revenue streams affect how the journos are looking away at this story? How many politicians, scientists, activists joined the groupthink for "social justice" in saving the planet for personal, financial gain?


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