Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When Twits Tweet


  1. Jaffer admits this business is earning no income, did he admit he has NO income?

    12 years as an MP, I think he may have save a few bucks, just me....

    The wife making $ 120k+ for years as a minister, savings, portion tax free? good credit rating, is it possible the loans officer might have actual FACTS that make this mortgage NOT high risk?

    I wonder if the press will go back to their childhood and look for bullying next.

  2. Actually, the base salary of an MP is approximately $150,000 per year. Ministers receive an additional $70,000.

    So Guergis' salary at the time was $220,000. This precludes any additional income either may receive from anything else, such as investments.

    There is one thing that is questionable about the mortgage, and that is reportedly the no money down aspect of it.

    But Guergis income alone at the time the mortgage was secured justifies it. In fact, according to some of the mortgage calculators I've run the numbers through, she could have qualified for a mortgage of $400,000 more.


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