Monday, April 12, 2010

Yeah, That Whole "Context" Thing is a Killer

In the course of a recent post about the recent Ann Coulter speech at the University of Calgary, one finds a link to this.

It's a story about a Calgary white supremacist group in Calgary offering to pay the damage deposit on rental housing for any white supremacists moving from anywhere in Canada to Calgary.

Baglow links it to a snide remark about Alberta being "the land of the free".

But one wonders if Baglow has ever actually understood the actual significance of this ancient story: that apparently there are not nearly enough white supremacists in Alberta for these groups to survive, so they must offer a cash incentive to get white supremacists to move to Calgary from elsewhere in the country.

But farbeit for a bit of context like that to sneak into Baglow's thinking -- not when there are cheap ideological points to be scored.


  1. Just noticed the new header with Johnny Cash right?

    I read that cheapshot against Albertans.

    Would it be fair to use gang bangers to define the east? So much for a balanced view or comment.

  2. If you want so see something even funnier, scope out the comment thread here. John Baglow argues that his cherry-picked photos of Tea Party protests should be treated as evidence that the movement is racist, and that scientific polling that determines that 21% of Tea Party adherents are "non hispanic black" or "other" should be discarded.

    There's even funnier yet, but I'm saving that for tomorrow.

  3. This will sound bizarre but believe it or not Baglow waaay back when he was a blogging pup was a moderate of sorts debating differing viewpoints. Now he's transformed into a fervent BoobyBoyDay Cesspool character screaming and raging for the kids to get off his lawn.

    Possibly his true colors emerging, perhaps too much booze, maybe not enough, something fell on his head, a bolt of lightening between the peepers, who knows what's gone on in his life to have him discarded on the irrelevant reprobate scrapheap...shame really.

  4. Oh, believe me. Tomorrow you'll find out how bad it really is.


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