Monday, April 05, 2010

God, This is Just Too Good to Pass Up

Truth be told, I try to avoid giving marginal specks like Sister Sage's Musings proprietor too much exposure here at the Nexus. Over the past two days, CK has already gotten far more than someone as cowardly as she deserves.

But recently something presented itself that was simply too good to pass up.

Those who witnessed CK's last temper tantrum in the comments section of this blog may remember the following comment:
"Paranoia, Greed, bigotry, useless wars to keep corrupt governments in power = bad.

Unfortunately, the latter is all we see of today's conservatism: no redeeming social qualities here. You included. Not my fault you can't successfully defend irredeemable character flaws.
Which would beg a question about how CK may feel about the corruption that seized up the very heart of the Liberal Party right before its big fall from grace in 2006.
A comment made on a post about the ongoing investigations into the Sponsorship Scandal at Sandy Crux's blog turns out to be fairly revelatory.

CK writes:
"Has it been that slow of a newsweek for you and Daniel Leblanc?

I know what your motivation is, but what is Leblanc’s? A con cheerleader like you, who would do anything to hammer the opposition away, now that 10percenters are not allowed? Or a Bloc supporter boosting Gilles Duceppe’s newly resurrected campaign for sovereignty?

Either way, it’s high time to move on. This is a 10year old crime. Gomery had his inquest. It’s over.

Besides, you kind of lost that right to complain about adscam, given that Harper campaigned on cleaning up Ottawa before he was first elected.

So far he runs away, prorogues and deflects and distracts when the going gets tough and he’s in the hot seat.
So, regardless of the fact that investigations into the Sponsorship Scandal have yet to deliver all of those responsible to justice, CK thinks that the matter should just quietly go away -- so long as it continues to pose a threat to the Liberal Party.

It seems that corruption is only bad so long as CK can pretend conservatives are corrupt -- even if there has been no corruption.

It seems that everything is different once CK's white hot simmering conservative hatred of conservatives is in play.


  1. Almost like fish in a barrel. Not really a challenge.

    P.S. You are not a "bad boy" in the blogosphere, just more direct in your use of words in describing the clowns.

  2. While I don't agree with your "evil conspiracy" theory with respect to this collection of bloggers, they are not doing the Liberals, or NDP, or the Bloc any great service with many of their postings, but then neither are blogging tory blogs like Five Feet of Fury which portray Francois Houle as a frog, and there is certainly an undercurrent of such sentiment and behavior in numerous blogging tory blogs.

    That said, this particular individual lacks coherence in her political perspective and arguments. She complains about Daniel Leblanc supporting Duceppe's cross-Canada tour for Quebec sovereignty and attacking the Liberals, and calls Conservative MP Christian Paradis a sellout and traitor to Quebec for supporting a proposal the Bloc objects to, but goes herself
    to the Angry French Guy's pro-sovereignty blog to post comments supportive of the Bloc and Duceppe's cross Canada speaking tour. There is an interesting piece and discussion on the tour on the blog, but this sort of stuff is not generally on the radar of the Cynic's group, as they lack any unified view with respect to constitutional issues.

  3. Dupmar, I'm afraid it's all rather simple: When you're a Chickenwanker, you don't have to be coherent.


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