Thursday, April 01, 2010

This Absolutely Needs To Happen

Canada needs to centralize education -- and everything else

Speaking at a recent engagement at the University of Alberta, the NDP's Post-secondary Education critic dropped the greatest bombshell in the history of post-secondary education in Canada.

She suggested that Canada needs to centralize control over policy related to post-secondary education.

“We need to see federal commitment,” Ashton insisted. “This idea that post-secondary is under the control of the provinces is pretty silly when we’re part of a country where post-secondary education should be part of a fundamental vision as to how we’ll move forward.”

“[Such a transfer] would serve the purpose of national leadership,” she added.

Of course the NDP has never let a little thing like the Constitution -- which cedes jurisdiction over education to the provinces -- impede their imagination before. Nor should they.

In fact, Canada needs to centralize control over absolutely anything and everything that it can. Provincial jurisdictions be damned. It's time that the federal government started dictating policies regarding health care and municipal affairs. Maybe it's even time to abolish provincial elections, and have the federal government appoint provincial governments.

This is the magic of centralization: it makes things a lot easier, and makes it a lot easier to impliment specific agendas, and makes life a lot easier for Canadians by taking some of those pesky political decisions out of their hands and puts it where it belongs -- in the hands of people with PhDs in Peace and Conflict Studies.


  1. Did anyone ask her for a successful example of a country that has a highly centralized gov't in every area?

  2. EVERY society with a highly centralized government has been successful. Moreover, centralization is super fun!


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