Sunday, March 21, 2010

Glorified Backbenchers?

One more reason to elect the Senate

In an article appearing in the London Free Press, the suggestion is floated that ehc new Senate, in which the Conservative Party holds a plurality, may not be all that different from the old Senate.

Conservative Senate leader Marjory LeBreton insisted that opposition bills will be treated fairly, but that government bills will also be subject to less "filibustering" in the Senate.

Progressive Conservative Senator Elaine McCoy, however, objects to the notion that the Senate would simply push the government's legislation through the upper chamber.

"That's a very odd attitude for a senator to have, that's a backbencher's (attitude)," McCoy grumbled. "I'm not sure that the new senators are being oriented to anything other than that sort of obedience."

Of course, if McCoy wants Senators to be empowered to exercise such judgement, that's just another reason why the Senate needs to be elected.

Canadians have the right to exercise their own judgement on any official who would claim to exercise any kind of significant judgement on their behalf -- especially as far as the legislative process is concerned.

Whether or not McCoy understands this notion will not be seen until Conservaitve legislation on Senate elections is voted on by the Senate.

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