Friday, March 19, 2010

Mark Francis: Super Douchebag

One would have to think that the bizarre amount of existential angst that Chickenwanker Mark Francis feels at the very notion of having to engage with anyone he may disagree with has seemingly slowed his blogging down recently.

Lingering at the top of his blog is a blogpost -- one of many on the internet -- suggesting that former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer benefited from some sort of political interference in his case.

Yet the detail that Francis and the other far-left ideologues trying to milk this case to discredit the Conservative law-and-order agenda have conveniently overlooked the illegal procedure used during the strip search of Jaffer.

Which leads one to wonder if perhaps individuals like Francis believe that individuals like Jaffer aren't entitled to enjoy the benefits of their Charter rights:
Unfortunately, Mark isn't answering any such questions.

One shouldn't confuse the matter for approval or excuse for Jaffer's apparent actions. But the law is the the law, and that doesn't change when applying the highest law in the land to a conservative -- no matter how much individuals like Mark Francis may want it to.

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