Saturday, March 27, 2010

No Justice for the Death of a President

Released in 2006, Death of a President is a mockumentary about a fictional assassination of George W Bush at a speech in Chicago.

In the film, the FBI and the Secret Service quickly investigate the matter, and arrest Zahra Abi Zikri (Hend Ayoub) for the act. In typical American tradition, however -- even in fiction -- conspiracy theories abound about whether or not they have the true culprit.

The film raises an extremely important question: that of, considering the currently fiercely-polarized state of American politics, especially amidst the modern 24-hour news cycle, whether American officials could realistically be trusted to objectively pursue justice, or whether a scapegoat -- as the fictional Zikri very well may be -- would simply be sought and summarily convicted.


  1. What wishful thinking, killing Bush, must have been and probably still is for the loony crowd.

  2. Maybe for the most extreme of them. I think history has shown us is that if there's anything that the fringes of either ideological extreme don't shy away from, it's killing people.


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