Monday, March 22, 2010

My, But How Quick the "Progressives" Are to Swallow Regression

"Progessive" approves of Duceppe's extremism out of anti-Conservative fervour

Despite the extraordinary measures taken to evade criticism by the most dedicated of the Chickenwankers, it isn't all that difficult to keep tabs on what that particular lunatic is up to.

In the most recent amusing dispatch from Sister Sage's Musings, CK blogs that recent remarks by Gilles Duceppe comparing Quebec separatists to the Free French of World War II are absolutely fantastic -- mostly because conservatives don't like it, and even accusing Stephen Harper of being a separatist:
"'Squabble and Divisiveness'? Really? He’s attempting to unite Quebecers. As for squabble and divisiveness that you refer to; well, where’s the problem? Afraid that perhaps Gilles might play it better than Steve? Oh, like Steve never made any anti-Quebec statements in his career.

This is classic Steve calling the kettle black here; not only because of his games of divide and conquer against the opposition parties and with Canadians in general, but, what many seem to forget is that ol’ Stevie himself attempted to engineer the break-up of Canada. I seem to remember a letter written by Stevie to Ralph Klein in 2001, all about creating a firewall around Alberta. I suggest you click on the link and read this firewall letter to remind us of how much Stevie loves Canada to remain all together in love and singin’ 'Coombaya'.
Apparently, CK's standard for "anti-Quebec statements" is Stephen Harper factually pointing out that the 2008 Liberal-NDP-BQ coalition agreement represented a deal with separatists. (Some comically accused Harper of "Quebec bashing" for that.)

As for Stephen Harper's "firewall letter" being an attempt to "engineer the break-up of Canada", few claims could possibly be more comical. Among the recommendations in the famed letter were instituting a provincial police force, setting up an Albertan pension fund, and reassert provincial jurisdiction over health care policy.

Astute Canadians would recognize these recommendations very quickly. They are the same powers already asserted by Quebec and (in the case of a provincial police force) by Ontario.

The letter also recommended using the Supreme Court of Canada's decision on the matter of Quebec Secession Reference to force Senate Reform onto the federal agenda. The only remotely radical proposal in the letter was for the province to collect at least the provincial portion of income tax revenue. Again, this is a power that Quebec already exercises.

Interestingly, Quebec's use of such powers has yet to precipitate the break-up of Canada -- something perfectly apparent to all Canadians, including the signatories of the firewall letter.

This is for good reason. These measures all significantly increase the level of provincial autonomy, but they stop far short of full sovereignty. In short, provincial autonomy doesn't equal provincial separation, and CK could stand to hear it if she wasn't so busy trying to evade criticism and debate.

If the firewall letter doesn't provide sufficient evidence for rampant separatism in Alberta, CK insists that many conservatives have mused about separating from Alberta. She's even heard them:
"In addition to that firewall letter, I have heard many an Albertan conservative musing about themselves pulling out of Canada as they feel the rest of Canada (mainly Quebec) are thieves. Wonder why that never makes the headlines of so-called mainstream media? Oh yeah! It’s Harpercon media. Wonder why Stevie never condemns them for their misanthropic behavior?

Oh and Stevie, Soudas and the rest of the Harpercons: I want to thank you for succeeding, yet again, in alienating Quebecers. Remember Stevie, it ain’t just separatists who endorse and vote for the Bloc.
Of course, anyone who cared to look would have serious difficulty locating a separatist party in Alberta that polls at a level even approaching political relevance in Alberta. It certainly isn't anything like in Quebec where separatists have formed the government on a number of occasions and held referendums.

Alberta separatists have largely been ignored by the media because they're marginal and irrelevant. In Alberta's political history, Albertan separatists can boast the election of one (1) single-term MLA.

Nothing at all like Quebec.

Moreover, CK once again parrots the line that criticizing the Bloc Quebecois alienates Qubeckers, noting that not all of the Bloc's voters are separatists.

Which is true enough. A portion of the Bloc's voters are individuals like CK who seem to have deluded themselves into believing that the BQ is a "progressive" political party, despite the vile, pervasive, and quite undeniable racial ideology that forms the basis of the party's political culture.

The Conservative Party could, of course, waste its energy trying to accomodate such fools. But considering the amount of mental energy they've expended ignoring what every other Canadian who has cared to look recognizes as plainly as the nose on their face, that wouldn't merely be a waste of energy, but a colossal waste of time.


  1. Gee,When are you going to stop obsessing with me? I will stop commenting at your page when you stop blogging about me? I don't blog about you and you keep darkening my comments section by using a different IP address. Couldn't get a clue the first IP addy of your's I banned that you're brand of stalking is not wanted? You dont' want to debate you only want to troll and stalk. Yes, a third IP of your's has made its' way over to my place.

    By the by, Mr Alzeimers; Read this:

    Look familiar? It should! Firewall letter from Steve to Klein?

  2. CK can't defend herself with logic or facts and is reduced to banning I.P. addresses.

    Like most of the intolerant left, the only freedoms they care about are their own's.

    Our idealogy is better! We will discredit and prevent your views. Fascists.

  3. LOL

    Yep. This is what the Chickenwankers have reduced themselves to.

    Challenging their views is decried as "stalking".

    But here's the secret, CS. It occurs to me that the arguments of people like CK aren't actually meant to be defended with logic, because logic has no role in them in the first place.

    For example, CK's rebuttal to a criticism of her interpretation of the firewall letter is to link to the letter, as if I hadn't actually read it.

    And yet I linked to that very same firewall letter -- posted on Ezra Levant's blog -- in this very post. Moreover, I provide the context for that letter that CK can't be bothered to: one may not like the ideas contained in the firewall letter, but all Harper does in the firewall letter is suggest to Ralph Klein that he appropriate the same provincial powers that Quebec currently enjoys.

    Those powers haven't led to Quebec separating from Canada -- so why would they do so if Alberta were to use them?

    See, this is the kind of thing that would require CK to defend her logic. But she's too busy keeping her lips sewed to the anuses of Robbie Day and company in hope that they'll toss her a couple of bones (keep an eye on her toilet of a blog -- they very evidently don't).

    And meanwhile, she's the one who decimates any sense of her own credibility by being such a clueless kiss-ass. Do you think it would be extreme to describe her as a human colostomy bag? (Maybe that's what the C in CK stands for.)

  4. The left are not honest and they don't care about people. The policies they are willing to inflict prove it.

    The $ 60 Billion ponzi scheme in selling Carbon Credit offests by WWF demostrates how corrupt they are. Have you seen anyone from the left step up? Hungary is double selling the same Carbon certificates.

    The entire COP15 scam was an opportunity to tax us for more social engineering projects and jobs for their friends.

    I am thankful the photo of CK is not a close up as bile is not photogenic.

  5. What amuses me is the glee with which CK jumped onboard Robbie Day's blogging embargo. She made the decision to become an adversary, and now she's surprised that I'm not going to let her off that hook quietly.

    One has to wonder if maybe she's re-thinking her decision now.

  6. And let's just state this for the benefit of anyone who may miss the significance of this:

    At Robert Peter John Day's command, CK has banned me from commenting at her blog. Out of contempt for anyone who would dare challenge her logic, she's started banning people from even reading her site.

    Yet note that CK has not suffered that particular fate here. It seems that intellectual courage isn't for everyone.


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