Thursday, March 04, 2010

There's No Reason Why All the Dishonest Cretins Shouldn't Get Theirs

One of the most amusing aspects of dealing with some of the most dedicated lunatics of the far-left blogosphere is how they react when they're called on their own hypocrisy.

A particularly amusing case is that of Sparky, who fancies himself a decicated fighter of conservative hypocrisy.

Yet when one of Sparky's friends is caught like a deer in the headlights on her own hypocrisy -- needling Ezra Levant over self-promotion while overlooking her own shameless self-promotion and peddling an argument founded on a false equivalent (treating Levant placing an ad for his book on his blog as the same as Jack Layton pulling a woman's arm out of the way so he can be seen on TV) -- Sparky's response is actually rather amusing.

It becomes clear that Sparky wants to pretend that Layton wasn't getting rather pushy in his fervent mania to exploit Canada's hockey gold medal for self-promotion. Yet, it's amazing to note that even in a place that is often very friendly to Jack Layton -- like the CBC -- very few people seem to see the matter the way that Sparky does:
That particular comment had been "thumbs up"ed by a margin of five to one by the time it had been screen capped.
Likewise, CBC readers agreed with this comment, 21 to 6 -- a margin of more than three to one.

Moreover, more people seem to recognize that, of all the people at Gretzky's on Sunday afternoon, Layton seemed to be the only one getting so pushy:
That comment was agreed with, 37 to 4 -- a margin of very nearly ten to one.

Nor should one think that it was in any way a coincidence that Layton had himself firmly parked in front of a camera, despite the NDP talking points that the tools at the Groupthink Temple have bought hook, line and sinker.
The amusing thing about the entire affair is that it really ought to not be quite such a big deal. One need not defend Layton's actions in order to recognize that, as this reader points out:
Which is where, for the most part, the voice of reason starts to weigh in. Did Layton get a little pushy/grabby with that particular individual? The video speaks for itself. Of course, no one got hurt, and while the incident may say something unflattering about Layton's character, it doesn't substantially discredit him.

So then one may wonder why it is that individuals like Sparky are so desperate to defy the video record of the event in question.

After all, it isn't as if anyone sees the matter the same way that Sparky does. If he can't see Layton's behaviour for what it was, he sorely needs to get his eyes checked.

It is, amusingly, the modus operandi of individuals like Sparky and Audrey. When caught with their pants down, they simply pretend like it didn't happen. In the end, it's actually that uncomfortable facade that will continually keep giving this particualr story new life -- and keep giving them new opportunities to humiliate themselves.


  1. Do you think Sparky works for the NDP?

  2. That might explain it.

    "Please, please, please... pay no attention to the man shoving that woman's arm out of the way."

  3. I thought the dippers would have come up with something more creative ala "the gal in front was sent in by the evil-neo-con-Harperites to intentionally block Jacko's view"...the "JackassJack moved her arm to see the monitor" defence was well...lame and dippy.

  4. "Please, please, please pay no attention to the man waving to the camera."


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