Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Brown, Labour Gearing Up for the Fight of Their Lives

Gordon Brown to fight for his political life in 2010

No matter what 2010 brings for British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, one can remain assured that there is one certainty:

Gordon Brown will face an election in 2010.

Although Brown has the power to decide the timeline of this election, there is no question that it will happen on or before 3 June. Moreover, his principal opponent has already begun campaigning.

Cameron has promised a bold new economic direction not only for Britain, but for his party as well.

"If we win this year's election Britain will be under new economic management," Cameron announced. "We will send out the loudest signal that this country is back open for business and ready for investment."

He's certainly set the stage well. Early in 2009 David Freud, a prized welfare policy advisor for the Labour Party, defected to the Conservatives (a workfare advocate), Ken Clarke has publicly mused about some uncharacteristic options, and Cameron is new Parliamentary offices to help ensure fiscal discipline.

Whether Brown and the Labour Party are ready for a 2010 election against the Tories is one thing. No matter what, they're as ready as they'll ever be.

To date, the Labour Party's best answer to David Cameron and the Conservative Party has been the thinly-veiled vestiges of class warfare.

That will be a very poor panacea for the ills of a party besieged by a poor economy and a Parliamentary Inquiry into the extremely unpopular Iraq War.

Even as the Labour Party trumpets itself as ready for an election, one simply must assume that their search for answers will continue.

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