Thursday, January 07, 2010

ETP's Audrey: A Permanent Epic Fail

There's something about the arrogance of fools that makes them oddly compelling to watch. Kind of like an inept clown. One wonders how such folks are going to fuck themselves up next.

An interesting case in point is Audrey II, the proprietor of Enormous Thriving Plants -- or, as Maria Nunes calls her, "jungle lady".

People like Audrey are often eager to dress their shenanigans up in the garb of arrogance, and like to pretend that will cover up their general indeptitude. Take, for example, an edit to a recent ill-conceived jab from those parts, wherein Audrey basically argues that she should be able to lose an argument and still be able to nitpick at other people.

But if Audrey's inability to win an argument over the difference between political theory and political reality is amusing, one only needs to remember that it's basically part of an ongoing campaign at ETP, wherein she thinks she can nitpick and slime her way to prominence in Canada's left-wing blogosphere.

Take, for example, the "Golden Puddle awards", wherein Audrey attempted to smear any conservative blogger who so much as spoke of the Christmas Day terror attempt.

Not only was the response to Audrey's bit extremely tepid, but it turned out that her hero fundamentally disagreed with her on this topic.

Simply put, Audrey's award sent the message that she didn't think the Christmas Day terror attempt was a big deal in its own regard -- and that she could mock those who simply spoke about the attacks right along with those who responded to it by proprosing reactionary measures.

Meanwhile, her idol -- the individual whom she so pathetically wishes to emulate -- understood that the attack itself was actually a very serious matter, and the only thing that saved the lives of those aboard that Detroit-bound airliner was the terrorist's own ineptitude.

In short, Audrey was also wrong about the Christmas Day terror attack, and still thought she should be able to mock other people for it.

("Soft on terror" doesn't at all seem like an unfair label to apply in this particular case.)

Frankly, these are the kinds of things that Audrey seems to fail to comprehend on an ongoing basis. She fails to understand that her pig-headed demands that Canadians adhere to 19th century political theory (despite the passing from an era of aristocratic government to an era of democratic government) suggests that she her nostalgia for political antiquity extends far beyond the function of the Governor General in Canadian politics. Just like she fails to understand that her treatment of a terror attack averted only by the terrorist's incompetence suggests that she doesn't take terrorism seriously.

(Some would say "suggests". Others would say "makes it obvious".)

It must be a hard reality to wake up one day and realize one's entire blog should be set to the tune of "yakity sax". But when one aspires to be nothing more than another ideological clown, one shouldn't be shocked to find out that they've succeeded.

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