Monday, January 25, 2010

Back It Up, John -- Back It Up

A recent move by Prime Minister Stephen Harper predictaby has one of Canada's Whiniest Wankers rather upset.

Writing about the appointment of Ian McPhail as the new chairman of the RCMP Commission of Public Complaints, John Baglow insists that the previous chairman, Paul Kennedy, wasn't re-appointed because Harper's government was offended by his official report:
"A Conservative real estate lawyer has been appointed 'interim chair' of the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP. Ian McPhail replaces outgoing chair Paul Kennedy, whose critical reports offended the Harper administration."
The critical report that Baglow refers directly to is the Robert Dzienkanski case, in which a Polish immigrant to Canada was brutally tasered to death by RCMP officers responding to his frustrated outburst.

Kennedy's report was indeed scathing.

The problem for Baglow is that there doesn't seem to be any support for Baglow's caim that Kennedy's report on the Dzienkanski affair offended the government.

In fact, the closest to criticism of Kennedy by the "Harper administration" that seems to be available is criticism by Conservative backbench MP Blake Richards. Richards didn't speak specifically about the Dzienkanski case, but merely criticized "bureaucrats and paper-pushers".

That's a far cry from denouncing Kennedy for his rightly-scathing report on the Dzienanski incident.

Baglow is right about one thing: McPhail is an excessively poor selection as interim chairman of the Public Complaints Commission. Moreover, this isn't the first time the Harper government has chosen an RCMP-related appointee poorly.

Then again, McPhail is only being appointed as interim chairman of the Public Complaints Commission. Presumably, the hunt for a more suitable permanent chairman is continuing. If it isn't, it should be.

That being said, this just doesn't justify John Baglow making unsubstantiated claims that are clearly intended to use the death of Robert Dzienkanski to provoke outrage against the Harper government.

Requests that Baglow substantiate this claim -- that Kennedy was not re-appointed becauase of the Dzienkansi report -- with some evidence have, unfortunately, not only been ignored, but have actually been deleted.

That's unfortunately how John Baglow operates. He doesn't handle dissent very well -- even when he's just being asked to back up his own claims.


  1. JohnnyDawgBaglow has over the years attempted to portray himself as an engaging/rational/logical debater but clearly jumped the shark when he began hanging out at CC HQ BobbyBoy Day's No Jews Allowed Sign Co. and Tattoo Parlour.

    When Sicko Day was running amok douchebagcunting the Blogging Tory ladies and telling the mother of a dead Canadian soldier to fuck off, Baglow became Day's most fervent supporter/cheerleader. I think the coward Baglow would truly like to be a BobbyBoy Day when he grows up...btw, I think you're well rid of this sack of fleas disguised as a Dawg.

  2. Great post Patrick.

    John and Bob love to delete comments.

    You are a troll if you don't agree with their narrow point of view.

    Another who enjoys deleting comments (thwap) has pulled it's lips from Bob's behind, long enough to give you a slam.

    The saga continues.

  3. LOL

    Yeah, I saw that.

    I actually had to laugh at the notion of Thwap demanding an apology.

    If you want to see something that's good for a laugh, check out his "schoolyard taunts" in the "Connect teh dots" post over by that way.


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