Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's So Hard to Get Answers From Them

Readers of the Nexus may recall a recent visit we received from liberal supporter, the chronic minor annoyance who is a core member of the Clowncar Brigade.

In response to a recent post noting that Canadians simply haven't believed Prime Minister Stephen Harper in regards to the proroguement of Parliament, liberal supporter insisted that there could be no other reasons for the proroguement but a coverup regarding the torture allegations.

As it turns out, liberal supporter's favourite political party has some covering up of its own to do.

It would be nice to get some answers out of him, but he just hasn't obliged to date.

Those who pay little attention to liberal supporter may not know this, but he actually operates a blogspot blog wherein he collects messages from people who (for reasons as much a mystery to him as to anyone else) may want to contact him.

So it seemed like a good place to ask him directly what he thought of his party's direct complicity in the torture of Afghan detainees:

Yet liberal supporter doesn't seem to be too eager to answer these questions.

One wonders why...

Oh, OK. So that's why.


  1. Maybe toss in a couple of HAHAHAHA's and mention something about Superman to get the Boy moving...and why do I get this creeped out feeling after being in there?...yoiks!, the hair on the back of neck is standing STRAIGHT up.

  2. Ooops. Busted. :D

  3. Whatever the hell it is that Libby's been toking on that has him thinking he's Superman, I've got the kryptonite.

    What a little twerp. He's been spending so much time lionizing himself for being a troll, then does the exact same thing that he accuses his opponents of doing, and does it so blatantly that it isn't even funny.

    Then again, what does one expect from someone with no mind of their own?

  4. I am curious how many of the clown car brigade use multiple accounts/handles to inflate their numbers.

    I only see about 10-15 angry posters who hurl insults on a regular basis.

    I rarely revisit hate filled site filled with the clown car posse.

    It can't be healthy to engage the bottom feeders too often.

  5. They're truly, truly disturbed people.


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