Thursday, October 01, 2009

Who Is It That Wants An Election, Again?

Justin Trudeau simply must be confused

Speaking to a Liberal party fundraiser in Kitchener, Liberal MP Justin Trudeau seemed to be confused over who, precisely, is jockeying for an election in Canada and who isn't.

Trudeau said that he believes there will be an election very soon.

“My suspicion is [the election] will be before Christmas,” Trudeau predicted.

“Mr Harper wants one desperately and he is going to try and bring this House down,” Trudeau insisted.

Many Canadians would be surprised to hear that. After all, it's the Liberal party that has filed a non-confidence motion in the House of Commons. It's Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff who has been telling any Canadian who'll listen how serious he is about bringing down the government this time.

Trudeau must certainly be looking to Stephen Harper's increasing margin of advantage of in various polls, and talk that the Conservatives believe they are on the cusp of a majority government.

If the Conservatives do want an election, one thing is for certain -- they aren't talking about it.

In fact, the Conservatives have consistently denounced an election as "irresponsible". If the Tories had to justify themselves before a cynical electorate -- and Canadians very much know a poison pill when they see one -- they know full well that they would be the ones to look irresponsible.

Justin Trudeau must understand this -- or he must be confused. After all, Canadians know full well who it is that really wants an election right now.

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