Thursday, October 01, 2009

Dr Hedy Fry: Kinda Stupid

Liberal MP embarrasses party, self -- again

One simply had to rest assured that if the Liberal party had a Rob Anders of its very own, it would be a kinder, gentler Rob Anders.

Those who follow Canadian politics even passingly know who Anders is: he's the Conservative MP for Calgary West, and generally a disgrace to Parliament, his party, and himself.

Among the various controversies Anders has stirred up included denouncing Nelson Mandela as a "terrorist, and firing the manager of his riding office over a financial dispute.

But the Liberal party has a Rob Anders of its very own, and it bears the very unthreatening guise of MP Dr Hedy Fry.

Like Anders, Dr Fry is well-known and recognized as a general embarrassment to Parliament, her party, and herself.

Among the various controversies Fry has stirred up included claiming cross burnings were taking place in Prince George, BC, and sending out mailings that seemed to imply that Canada's military was no longer proud to wear the flag on their ruck sacks.

But today Dr Fry seems to think she's finally hit that partisan home run she's been itching for, when she drew comparisons between some Olympic gear the Hudson's Bay Company are selling to commemorate the Vancouver Olympics and the Conservative party logo.

Dr Fry insists that the logo being used for the gear "bears a striking resemblance" to the Tory logo.

Even blogging magnate Jeff Jedras has taken the bait.

One assumes that a great many Canadians would be surprised to find out that HBC is actually secretly a Conservative party front -- perhaps none more than HBC itself.


  1. Magnate? Cool.

    Actually, this isn't a HBC-CPC conspiracy. Rather, I think the Canadian Olympic Committee is trying to capitalize on the massive popularity of the Conservative Party of Canada by copying its logo.

    Were I the CPC, I'd be exploring a copyright infringement lawsuit. To the courts!

  2. You know, Jeff, I think you were awfully silly today.

    But magnate? Absolutely, yes.

    As for the COC copying the CPC, you must be joking at this point. Perhaps before, as well?

  3. Many of us are not shocked by the behaviour of the Liberal Party and their bloggers. Their behaviour in chasing silly issues does reinforce the worst pop results October 14,2008 were well deserved.

  4. Apparently, Dr Fry's most recent take on the issue is that the Conservatives allegedly didn't object enough.


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