Monday, October 26, 2009

What the Fuck!? Files Vol. 8: Who Wants to Vacation in Libya Anyway?

And Moammar Gadhafi wonders why he rides the international short bus

After Moammar Gadhafi almost got sat in the corner on his way back from humiliating himself at the United Nations, Gadhafi has decided that, doggone it, Canadians just aren't welcome in Libya.

So there.

It wasn't enough that Gadhafi ran away from a well-deserved dressing-down over the hero's welcome he organized for Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, one of the men responsible for the Lockerbie bombing, apparently he's now telling Canadians that they aren't welcome in his sandbox.

"We are aware of the difficulties experienced by a few Canadian citizens interested in visiting Libya," said a spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon. "Minister Cannon was in Libya last week where the issue was discussed. We are working towards a positive resolution of the matter."

Of course, any proper-thinking Canadian is wondering to themselves right now: precisely what is the fucking problem?

If we really want a positive resolution to this particular matter, it's as simple as this: tell Moammar Gadhafi to go kill himself and die slow.

Jesus Christ. This is a guy who wasn't welcome in New Jersey, of all fucking places.


  1. Think of the positives, no canadian can claim they are being tortured or detained over there in order to scam us out of millions.
    You know what they say about every cloud.

  2. You know the one side of this that is easily forgotten is Canadian immigrants with family members in Libya.

    Then again, if things are bad for the family of any Canadians in Libya, we ought to take them as refugees. Let's just make them earn their citizenship before paying them a pension.


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