Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chretien Digs His Hooks In

More Chretien insiders join Ignatieff's staff

When Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff recently overruled a decision made by then-Quebec lieutenant Denis Coderre in favour of Martin Cauchon, it was speculated that Jean Chretien was pulling strings behind the scenes.

Those looking for signs that Chretien is becoming more involved with the Liberal party need look no further than news that Peter Donolo, Chretien's former director of communications, is about to take control of Ignatieff's staff.

Moreover, Donolo will be charged with setting the Opposition Leader's Office straight, and he's expected to be authorized to make any staffing changes necessary.

This is far from a complete takeover of the party infrastructure by Chretien. But if Michael Ignatieff can't turn Liberal fortunes around, and soon, it's not unreasonable to look at Peter Donolo as another domino Jean Chretien can use to help topple Ignatieff.


  1. Do you believe MI realizes the push is happening?

  2. I couldn't say for certain.


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