Thursday, July 10, 2008

Red Beyond Green and Beyond the Pale

"Conspiracy!" cries Marty Rayner

As one continues to evaluate the emerging picture around the Green Shift Inc lawsuit, one wonders how seriously one should take an individual like Martin Rayner, who recently suggested that if he wants to lie by mischaracterizing the services offered by Green Shift Inc, he should be allowed to without being challenged on it.

But one wonders what to make of his most recent post on the entire affair, wherein he insists that, because the Green Shift Inc trademark was approved on June 27 of this year (though, oddly enough, "formalized" in 2005), and because there are rumours that the Conservative party that there is some sort of conspiracy afoot.

Although Wright notes that she's recieved some politically-motivated offers to assist with funding her case, Green Shift Inc has rejected them, thus living up to their "no unwanted politics" pledge as expressed on their website.

Rayner also points to the presence of Michael Krauss, a communications consultant who once worked for Brian Mulroney, as some kind of smoking gun. But considering that Krauss has no affiliation with the current government or even with the Conservative party, this claim is more than just a little dubious.

Rayner can impotently fire his weapons of character assassination into the air at his leisure. But he may want to keep in mind that, if no money has been accepted and no one with an affiliation with the government or the CPC has gotten involved, claims of a conspiracy stretch credulity beyond recognition.

Then again, it isn't as if that's anything new for Martin Rayner.

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