Friday, July 04, 2008

Morgentaler Debate Continues Its Downward Spiral

Very little rational thought at the core of Order of Canada conflaguration

Ever since it was announced that Dr Henry Morgentaler would be named to the Order of Canada, the abortion debate in Canada has taken a rather distinct turn for the stupid.

Various newspaper editorials condemned the appointment as "divisive".

Various bloggers defend the appointment based on the previous appointment of Conrad Black (who, just for the record, should be stripped of the Order of Canada, just as it was stripped from Alan Eagleson).

Of course, some of the most insipid comments have been made by ideologues such as Mississauga Ontario's Ric East who insisted that men have no right to voice their opinions about abortion, worth noting here as an example:

"It was interesting to note that most of those letter-writers opposing the idea of Dr. Henry Morgentaler receiving an Order of Canada are males. Their comments have no relevance as they do not have the bodies to produce children and therefore they have no say in this issue."
In other words, if you have a penis, you have no right to hold an opinion on the issue, because it couldn't possibly affect you.

Mr East, however, may want to compare notes with Port Coquitlam BC's A.D. Wilson who can speak otherwise from personal experience:

"I'm a dad that signed a teenage abortion application during the heat of this debate. And quite frankly, that experience wasn't a milestone in my life. I'm far from a Christian, absorbed in the daily routine of keeping kith and kin whole and being a well-meaning and diligent provider. Notwithstanding, losing a grandchild was hurtful to me. I don't wish the decision on anyone. Life is precious and expedient choices hurt even the most prudent. Barbara Kay certainly has opened a wound and the debate to me is far from closed. I'm certainly not pro-choice but some decisions can really cripple."
But at the end of the day, the entire matter is all pure silliness.

The Order of Canada may mean a lot when awarded under the right circumstances, but in most cases, when awarded, it's just another shiny bauble. Charles Aznavour -- a name likely alien to the vast majority of Canadians -- will recieve the Order of Canada next week.

And while various Canadians will certainly try to hold up Morgentaler's Order of Canada as evidence of Canada-wide support for their particular agenda vis a vis abortion, and other Canadians will deride it as a travesty, in the grand scheme of things, it actually means very little.

Time for the silliness to end.


  1. Well I agree. It's hardly worth all the inflammation when it's just an award that is ultimately subjective and changes nothing.

  2. Well, what more can you really say?

    I mean, they gave one of these to Rene Levesque -- a guy who wanted to tear the country apart. It's hard to take that award seriously after something like that.

    Morgentaler is far from the most questionable appointment to the OoC. Simple as that.


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