Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Who'd Have Thought These People Hate Canada?

Martin Rayner accuses opponents of hating Canada

One would think that Canada Day would be a good opportunity for some of the demagogues who delight themselves by spewing hatred and invective to stick a sock in it.

Not so much for Canada's leading philosophical fraud, Martin Rayner (aka the misnomer "Red Tory"). In fact, he -- walking meticulously in the footsteps of his lord and master, Canada's leading hatemonger Canadian Cynic -- instead took some time out to once again complain at length about how atrocious the opinions of other Canadians really are.

In particular, the posts' title "Canada: Yours To Deplore" should be viewed as particularly disturbing.

Canada Day is typically an occasion for Canadians of all walks of life to come together to celebrate our wonderful country. And most certainly, they do. One taking in the Canada Day festivities on Parliament Hill or (as I chose to) at the Alberta Legislature would certainly never expect that they're walking exclusively amongst Liberals, Conservatives, or members of any other partisan or ideological faction.

But not Martin Rayner. No, apparently Canada's leading intellectual coward and political curmudgeon wants to take Canada Day as an opportunity to suggest that if Roy Eappen or Jonathon Strong post a video of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Canada Day address on their blog, it's because they hate Canada.

But this is only a sample of what Rayner wanted to express this Canada Day. Among the others:

If Gerry Nichols decides to offer up a few political jokes on Canada Day, it's because he's bigoted and hates Canada.

If Liberty is Good's Janet wants to suggest that Ontario should follow the lead of most of Canada's other provinces and duck out of liquor sales, it's because she hates Canada.

If the Canadian Republic's Fortitudine suggests that responsible gun owners should be free to keep their weapons, it's because he hates Canada.

If Prairie Tory Luke wants to suggest that native-born Canadians should have more children or wants to rein in the Human Rights Commission, it's because he hates Canada.

If Joanne at Blue Like You wants to join the debate over why so many subjects relevant to Canada seem to defy debate, it's because she hates Canada.

In Martin Rayner's mind, this is what passes for logic. The concerns raised about the status and direction of our country are only being raised out of hatred for everything Canada currently is and could become.

Certainly, Roy Eappen and Jonathon Strong couldn't be posting Harper's video because they agree with his sentiments.

Gerry Nichols couldn't possibly be making jokes because he wants to celebrate Canada Day in a light-hearted fashion.

Janet couldn't possibly believe that liquor sales is simply a business in which the state does not belong.

Fortinitude couldn't possibly believe that the law-abiding should be allowed to possess a weapon for self-defense or recreation if they so choose.

Luke couldn't possibly want to see more Canadians having children because he prefers Canada as it is (for good or ill), or want the Human Rights Commission reined in because he believes it poses a threat to the very freedoms most Canadians celebrate every July 1st.

There's simply no way Joanne could -- like a few typically less-than-controversial media commentators -- believe there's more room for discussion and debate (the one thing Rayner himself fears the most) in Canada.

(On that particular note, it would seem that at least in Martin Rayner's mind, Jeffery Simpson and Rex Murphy both hate Canada too.)

It's all rather unfortunate. With Canadians across the counrty coming together to celebrate ourselves as a country, Rayner could have taken this as yet another opportunity to be a real red tory, embracing that unique unity that we as Canadians find on the same day of the year, every year.

Instead, he chooses to engage in divisive hatemongering, all while accusing his chosen adversaries of hating the very country they're celebrating.

It makes an enduring comment about Rayner and about the way his small mind works. When he describes his Blogging Tory adversaries as "disenfranchised", it makes one suspect that he's referring to what he considers to be an ideal state of affairs, if not an actual one. After all, it's hard to describe anyone who is active in politics -- even if only as a commentator -- as "disenfranchised".

It would almost be alarming if it wasn't so very, very typical of this particular individual. Of all the red tories (actual or self-proclaimed) who would see Canada day as an opportunity to do something, only Martin Rayner would see it as an opportunity to sew division amidst unity.

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