Monday, July 14, 2008

They Really Are Simply Afraid

Pro-abortion lobbyist can't live up to her own challenge

Less than half a day after challenging those who disagree with her to "bring it!", the Unrepentant Old Hippie herself, JJ, has chickened out of her own challenge.

Which is rather ironic. After publishing a blogpost dismissing her opponents as "sanctimonious, stupid and self-righteous propagators", JJ simply won't answer some very simple questions.

It's hard to find any more conclusive confirmation: the pro-abortion lobby really is just afraid of these questions.

The apparent fact that they're too afraid to answer these questions suggests that they really can't.

Which, for those familiar with the most extreme (and really, who's more extreme than someone who defends an assault on a 69-year-old?) denizens of the pro-abortion lobby, this is something referred to as "business as usual".


  1. Hahaha, I like the LOLcat.

  2. I picked it intentionally. You've done a passable job of blogging about cats, lately. Now if we can only squeeze some honesty out of you regarding your favourite topic.

  3. Try Bread n Roses.

  4. You issued the "bring it" challenge, JJ. Not Bread n Roses.

    I know that you and your fellow pro-abortion extremists like to travel in packs, but the least you can do is answer your own challenge, instead of hiding behind a different site.


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