Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Who's Up Next? Why, That Would Be Romeo Dallaire

I plan to shake hands with the man who shook hands with the Devil

On Feburary 21, 2008, Lieutenant-General and current Senator Romeo Dallaire will be delivering a keynote address to the University of Alberta's Global Voices conference.

As was the case with Michael Ignatieff's recent visit to the U of A campus, I'll be there to hear what he has to say, and ask him some very important questions.

Among them:

-Do you agree that the nature of peacekeeping has changed over the past decade, and do you think the Pearsonian model of peacekeeping remains one that Canada should remain committed to?

-What kind of commitment should Canada make to halting the atrocities currently occuring in Darfur?

-Do you believe the War on Terror can be altered to enhance peacekeeping initiatives, or do you believe it is detrimental to such efforts?

Once again, I fully expect that General Dallaire will have some interesting -- and enlightening -- things to say.


  1. That sounds very interesting indeed. Romeo Dallaire is a very impressive individual, and he represents the kind of soldier I would want fighting for Canada in current conflicts. His understanding of the moral imperative is greatly lacking in today's political climate.

  2. I fully agree with Michael Ignatieff when he essentially admits that we failed Romeo Dallaire.

    If Rwanda was worth sending peacekeepers into, then the slaughter that transpired was worth stopping. We had the opportunity, we had the responsibility. We turned our back. It's probably the most shameful failure of Canadian foreign policy in history.


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