Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Six Unimportant Things About Me

Fuck! I've Been Tagged!

Anyone who reads the Nexus on a regular basis has probably noticed that I try to keep this blog largely impersonal. But when you've been tagged, you've been tagged.

So apparently I'm supposed to share six unimportant things about myself, courtesy of Raphael Alexander. So, here goes:

1. I own an obsene number of hockey jerseys - More than 30, in fact. It started off during my first year of College (right before I transferred to University) when I discovered I could actually make an equally obsene amount of money delivering pizzas part-time (before gasoline was expensive as all hell). Let's just say that when I go with a group of people to a hockey game, I can outfit a small army of fans.

2. I'm an in-person type of person - I hate discussing important things over the phone, and I refuse to do my banking over the internet. Some day in the near future when human bank tellers are finally rendered obsolete, my bills will probably remain unpaid for months and months as I avoid paying them by internet.

3. I'm something of a book worm - I typically have to spend at least an hour-and-a-half per day busing to and from the University. So in a good week I tend to read at least one extra book aside from my studies. This is actually helpful, though -- it basically keeps a person one step ahead of their classes.

4. I feel no shame in shopping at thrift stores - But I won't buy just anything. More or less, I relegate myself to buying used books and neckties (provided that they aren't butt-ugly). Say what you will, but I find it to be a slightly more selfish method of supporting charity (in that I get something tangible out of it), and I don't plan to stop.

5. My patience can run thin - I can't stand it when people have clearly run out of things to talk about, but keep talking. I tend to force myself to be polite and stick it out with them, but I'm probably already looking for an escape route. Unless you happen to be an attractive young lady. Then I'm probably staring at your breasts (at this point, I think I'm entitled. No, it's okay. Just keep on talking about your cats. I'm listening...)

6. I still watch cartoons - And not just The Simpsons or Family Guy, either. I'm also an anime enthusiast (although I draw the line short of being otaku), and am perfectly content to watch Teletoon for hours on end. My guilty pleasure in this regard? Kim Possible. If anyone can figure out what the hell Rufus (pictured left) is, feel free to let me know. I want one. Also, my very own the Cheat.

Now, all this being said, it's my turn to some tagging, it would seem. As such, I tag:

Bruce Stewart
Werner Patels
Kevin Millard (is this guy still alive or what?)
Steve Smith (MIA again, I fear.)


  1. lol, very good responses. I like number 1 and number 5. I know a person who combines your #5 with my #4. He calls me on the phone, we run out of things to talk about, but he won't ever suggest hanging up. I have to do it. Every. Single. Time. Ugh.

  2. Yeah, it happens to me pretty often.

    What really irritates me is people who call me up when they have nothing to talk about in the first place. Then gets me gritting my teeth a bit.

  3. Okay, Patrick, your challenge was accepted.

    My six unimportant things can be found on my blog.


  4. Rufus is a "naked mall rat" according to his owner Ron Stoppable. How scary is it that I actually know that?

  5. Hmmmmmm. I never looked that up.

  6. Only six? I'll get back to you. :)


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