Monday, February 11, 2008

Really Not Funny

South Park Conservativism run tastelessly amok

So, one may wonder what this particular post is about.

It turns out that Kate McMillan managed to pull one over on Warren Kinsella recently, as she managed to convince Kinsella to display a cleverly-doctored photograph on his blog.

Presumably, it was of a numbered tattoo on the arm of a Holocaust survivor. Instead, it turned out to be the serial number off the engine block of McMillan's motorcycle photoshopped onto a photo of someone's arm.

At first glimpse, it almost seems like an amusing prank.

But the Holocaust isn't something people should be making light of. Six million human lives snuffed out in the name of mere hatred: it's not a laughing matter.

Kinsella asked for permission to post the photo on his blog, as it would encourage others to "fight the good fight".

Well, as someone who has fought the good fight, I find it necessary to take exception.

McMillan's prank is juvenile, and at first glance, seems like it should be written off as such. Then one remembers what is at stake.

When the historical memory of travesties such as the Holocaust begin to fade, we put ourselves at risk of allowing such atrocities to reoccur. It all relates to one of western society's most basic proverbs: history, forgotten, repeats itself.

Ridiculing such episodes has the precise same effect. McMillan really ought to be ashamed of herself. Whether this was meant as a joke or not, it simply isn't funny. As a matter of fact, it's the exact polar opposite from funny.


  1. Easy there Nex,

    Kate just gave Kinsella a snuggy he richly deserved. He is slime.

    I also think Limbaugh is usually right on the money and he his entertaining.

    I will leave you with this.

    My father died at Auschwitz.

    One night he got drunk and fell out of the gun tower.

    Thats called dark humor or cynical humor. You might even call it juvenile. Some people can deal with it and others can't. But then, we live in a free country and therefore have a right to enjoy a little humor whether others approve or not.

    People like Kinsella want to stop people from saying what they want. He would take that sort of humor and make it illegal. Fine or jail me for writing it.

    That's why he is a piece of shit and that is why so many people are shitting on him and that is why Kate pulled that stunt. Kinsella deserves a big slap on the side of the head every morning when he gets up.

    Kate is brilliant.

    And you are not using your head.

  2. Kate was not using her head, John. And on this particular occasion, she was far from brilliant.

    Who do you expect me to be, the person who defends the moral trespasses of those who would otherwise be my contemporaries?

    I'm not Martin Rayner, John. I'm not Ti-Guy, Scotian, or (thank god!) Kevron.

    You're precisely right about one thing: we live in a free country. If I disapprove of Kate's crass joke, I have the right to say so.

    Warren Kinsella has his own issues. The ficklization of racism (he seems to take a certain glee in flinging that particular label at anyone he considers a political opponent) is clearly one of them.

    But there are proper ways to address that and improper ways. Kate's prank was going about this the wrong way.


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