Sunday, February 24, 2008

Iran, Rockets and Nuclear Technology... Oh, My!

Ahmadinejad apparently figures the west's just jealous of his toys

Oh, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. When he isn't gathering the world's top Holocaust denial "experts" in Tehran or claiming "we don't have homosexuals in Iran", at least he can be counted on to wax ecstatic about freakin' amazing his new ray gun is going to be.

"They see the Iranian nation making progress -- just reaching the same scientific level -- and this is very difficult for them," Ahmadinejad announced in the course of a recent interview.

"The nuclear technology is ...the sort of technology that has been monopolized by a few countries," he added. "And they want to maintain such a monopoly, and they want to use it as an instrument of domination over the whole world."

This, of course, comes one day after the International Atomic Energy Agency announced that, while Iran has clarified numerous areas of its nuclear program, it may be just a tad too soon to dismiss any idea of Iran using it to produce a weapon.

Ahmadinejad, or course, views all of this as politically motivated. "We realized that as we give them more concessions, they come up with more expectations," he complained. "We acted in an honest matter."

But, of course we should trust Ahmadinejad, right? Right?

Maybe not. Even while Iran proclaimed a recent US intelligence report that denied any evidence of Iran having a secret nuclear weapons program as a victory, the report also noted that Iran had been trying to acquire a nuclear weapon just prior to 2003. Also, it was noted in 2006 that Iran had secretly assembled a team of nuclear specialists to infiltrate the Safeguards division of the IAEA.

So apparently, Ahmadinejad wants a nuclear weapon very badly. So what, right? I mean it isn't as if he could ever manage to deliver it to a target.

Aw, shit.

Not to mention the fact that Iran has researchers tinkering with rocket technology in a Kennedy-esque mission to conquer the moon -- the results of which could quite easily be weaponized (this becomes apparent when one considers how many NASA researchers were also instrumental in the development of ballistic missile technology.

So, despite the lingering doubts over whether or not Iran has really discontinued its weapons program, apparent efforts to contravene the very same organizations investigating Iran's alleged nuke program and efforts to develop weaponizable rocket technology (not hat they weren't already on their way to developing such technology well before their recent test launch), one has to wonder: what's to worry about Iran developing nuclear weapons and the capability to deliver them to targets abroad?

Considering that this is an individual who has announced that Israel should be "wiped off the map", one would think it's obvious to a rational individual.

Just don't ask Ahmadinejad himself -- he's still mad that the west won't let him play with their toys.

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