Sunday, November 05, 2006

What the Fuck!? Files Vol.1 -- Men Fail to Support Breast Cancer Research

Honestly, guys: Let’s not be douchebags

Life is a funny thing.

OK. Maybe that’s an under-exaggeration. Life is fucked up. We live in a world where virtually every day, something occurs, or we encounter something that can elicit one and only one response.

What the fuck!?

For those moments, we (okay, I – but hopefully, just for now ) at the Nexus of Assholery are proud to announce yet another new addition to the Nexus: the “What the Fuck !?” Files.

The inaugural entry – of what will certainly be many entries – into the “What the Fuck!?” Files was uncovered while attending a recent screening of Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, a film that itself could constitute an entry into the “What the Fuck!?” Files.

While buying concessions prior to the film, I was offered the opportunity to purchase a $2 button (okay, they kicked in a $10 coupon for Coles Books and Chapters, so I actually profited $8 from the transaction).

The cashier remarked that not very men had bought the buttons.

Did I mention the $2 paid for the button benefits breast cancer research?
Oddly, many men aren’t supporting breast cancer research. Which, frankly, strikes me as odd.

Because there are so many reasons for men to support breast cancer research. Six billion reasons. Six billion excellent reasons.

Women, you see have breasts. Men tend to like women (okay, not all men, but that’s another story for another time), but these men also tend to like breasts. There are approximately three billion women on the planet, and so, approximately six billion breasts.

So, it then seems odd that men would not support breast cancer research, given that breast cancer research tends to support breasts.

You know, tits . Boobs . Jubblies. Fun bags. Happy pillows.

I think I’ve pretty much made my point. Guys, support breasts. Support breast cancer research.

For Christ’s sake, guys. Buy some fucking buttons.

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