Monday, March 16, 2009

The What the Fuck!? Files Vol.6: Riot Against Police Brutality

Montrealers certainly have a knack for protesting effectively.

200 protesters were arrested in an annual event in Montreal protesting police brutality which has routinely ended in bouts of vandalism.

According to CTV, video of the event has surfaced showing Montreal police tear gassing protesters who were throwing rocks and bricks at local stores.

Which is really the best way to protest police brutality: by acting like goonish dipshits and forcing police to use force to avert acts of vandalism.


  1. I should be getting pictures of the riot later today.If I do I'll post some up on my blog.

    These people are idiots. Pure and simple.

  2. The hilarious thing about it is that they were probably screaming "police brutality! Police brutality!" while they were being arrested.

    Apparently, vandalizing the businesses of random people is supposed to be OK though.


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