Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ruby Rocks Bollywood

In an amusing story emerging out of Ontario, Brampton MP Ruby Dhalla is threatening to sue a local film producer.

At issue is Kyon Kis Liye (which translates into Why? And For Whom?), a film about a Hamilton-area murder in which a man poisoned his wife in order to enjoy the proceeds from her life insurance policy. Dhalla starred in this low-budget film in 2003.

Dhalla insists that some of the promotional material for the film's DVD features pictures were doctored -- essentially that her face was photoshopped over another woman's body.

"I have worked extremely hard to get to where I am and will not be exploited by individuals," Dhalla says in a statement. "I have taken and will continue to take all necessary legal action to stop this opportunism, defamation, slander and exploitation by the producers."

Charanjit Sihra, the film's producer, vehemently denies this. "That is her. That is her body. That is her face," he insists. "She doesn't want the movie to be released. The pictures are from the movie."

"We want to see this movie go to homes. This film took a lot of work. She is the one causing nonsense because she is holding a politician's job. Indian people feel if someone works in a movie they should not be a politician," he continues. "But we feel that she did good work on the film and should be proud to show the people."

In other news, Calgary West MP Rob Anders is preparing legal action over a newly-disovered tape of him performing a duet of "It's Raining Men" with William Shatner.

Stay tuned.

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