Wednesday, August 13, 2008

David Emerson Made His Bed

Now he'd fucking well better lay in it

When David Emerson won his Vancouver-Kingsway riding in the 2006 federal election, he promised to be Stephen Harper's "worst nightmare".

Instead, he crossed the floor to sit as Harper's Minister of International Trade and the Pacific Gateway. Eventually, he would be promoted to Foreign Affairs.

Shortly after crossing the floor Emerson suggested he wouldn't run again.

Now, he's changed his mind again. He "might" run again in an upcoming election. He just can't quite decide where.

Word is, he won't run in Vancouver-Kingsway. And, honestly, why would he? He provoked a great deal of outrage, including calls for a recall. This should come as no surprise, considering that he was elected as Liberal, then promptly turned his back on his constituents in order to further his own career.

There has been talk about Emerson running for reelection in a Conservative stronghold -- possibly even in Edmonton.

But to the very idea of this, Edmontonian voters should have only one thing to say to David Emerson: fuck off, David. You made your bed, now you have to lay in it. Go back to Vancouver-Kingsway and take your fucking medicine like a good little boy.

Canadians across the country should have better taste than to allow David Emerson to slither his way out of the electoral mess he's made for himself in Vancouver-Kingsway. He's now well into his third year as a cabinet minister. He's enjoyed the spoils of his duplicity, and eventually he's going to have to pay the price.

If he won't do so in Vancouver-Kingsway, hopefully Canadians of all partisan stripes -- Conservatives especially -- will have the good sense to administer that medicine wherever he may land.

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  1. Why so upset? You're a big boy now, don't you know that "takin' care of number one" is what politicians DO!!!
    Pretty much ALL they do.
    Oh, for variety, they might help out a corporation or brown-nose a rich man, or invent a new tax or, for entertainment, cut medical care for seniors & go for a drive through the slums to watch seniors starve, try to live without necessary medicine, or (most fun of all) watch them freeze in winter. They look so funny dancing around trying to keep warm


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