Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ezra Levant Obliterates Ian Fine

One has to hand it to Ezra Levant.

When the Canadian Islamic Congress filed a complaint against Levant for his publishing of the Danish Prophet Mohammad cartoons, one may have expected that the typically lopsided enviornment of a CHRC hearing room would have discouraged him just a little.

Forget that.

Given the rather severe beating he heaped upon the hapless Human Rights Commissioner who drew his case, one may have wondered what would happen if he could set his sites on a CHRC official in open field.

Now we know the answer to that.

One almost has to feel sorry for Ian Fine. He's so utterly defenseless against the revelations of the intransigent indiscretions of his organization that all he has to respond with is pure ideological rhetoric.

Certainly, everything Fine says about the CHRC rings true. But his refusal to speak to the allegations levelled against the investigators working under his employ in favour of spouting empty platitudes doesn't say good things about the CHRC's willingness to address the very serious problems within that organization.

Which is why one almost feels sorry for Ian Fine. But doesn't. Not quite.

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