Monday, August 25, 2008

Are They Ready to Govern Again?

Democratic National Convention under way with pomp & grandeur -- but are they ready for business?

It's about to become official.

As the 2008 Democratic National Convention gets underway, Barack Obama is about to make the formal transformation from presumptive nominee into the real deal.

But as a noted rock concert atmosphere settles into Denver's Pepsi Centre, all the pomp and grandeur expected of an American political convention is underway. But one question must still be asked: are the Democrats ready to govern again?

As the 2008 DNC gets underway, there seems to be a cognizance of the need for the Democrats to pose a real alternative to government by their Republican rivals.

"America realizes we can't four more years of the same ineffective governing," announced party chairman Howard Dean.

In order for the Democrats to end the Republicans' eight-year reign, they'll need to put away any and all dissention within their ranks -- something that will reportedly be accomplished by the party allowing a few States to vote in favour of Hillary Clinton as the Democrat nominee before asking the remaining states to unanimously support Obama.

Among the other featured events of the Convention will be a well-deserved tribute to Edward Kennedy (who may also try to address the Convention), an address by former President Jimmy Carter, and a keynote address from Michelle Obama outlining what kind of first lady she would like to be.

For the Democrats, the success of this convention will determine whether or not they're viewed as being capable of governing.

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